2020-09-28 | 3 min read

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Updated report layouts - Beta update 0.0.23

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Improved report layouts and updated item comments feature!

In our second beta update we have addressed the report templates for both PDF and Excel. Our new PDF layout features an improved header and footer on the main pages with a slimline report cover page. We have introduced some additional settings to provide further customisation of the information displayed; which can be found by visiting the main settings from the menu.

The excel report has had a full overhaul to bring it up to scratch for instant redistribution without the need for any additional styling by the user. The report features a full set of headings with appropriately sized columns for each set of item information. The reports have conditional formatting built in for the status and due date columns for clear indication of the items' status and to show if they are overdue. Additionally, a column has been included displaying the unique id of the items which doubles up as an active hyperlink to each item on the web app!

We've also made some improvements to the item comments. You are now able to see who made the comment and the time and date.

Excel reports

Here’s what we’ve added and fixed in 0.0.23:

Features added

  • Updated PDF report design
  • Updated Excel report design with built-in conditional formatting
  • Improved item comments design, featuring who added the comment and when
  • Improved layout on desktop
  • Notification settings, ability to turn off certain types of notifications
  • Copy items support
  • Filter items by ‘created by’
  • Sort by assignees, for both viewing lists and generating reports
  • Sort by locations, for both viewing lists and generating reports

Bugs fixed

  • On adding external user to a plan their role on projects under the plan are updated to reflect
  • On removing a user from a plan their role on projects under the plan are changed to external
  • Removed ability to add blank comments
  • Other bug fixes/performance improvements

Make sure to check for updates on TestFlight on iOS or on the Play Store for your Android phone or tablet.

Our plans going forward

The main features which we are working on for the next update include:

  • The ability to flag an item as in progress or complete when you do not have permission to change the item’s status - brought forward from last update!
  • An in app notification center, with additional notification options!
  • Enhanced list privacy settings
    • external user grouping allowing you to pick which group can see a list
    • option to choose which individual project members can view a list
  • Custom field names - for example you could rename “Project number” to “Project Code”
  • Ability to add comments to item images

The updates to the report templates and comments system were both features requested by our beta users. We want you to know that we are listening so please keep the feedback coming and we will continue to improve the platform. Thanks to all who have contributed so far!