2020-10-19 | 4 min read

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Request a status update - Beta update 0.0.25

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Request status change, notifications centre & performance upgrade

In our third beta update we pivoted away from the development of some of the features we mentioned in the previous update blog to focus upon the performance upgrade which had to take precedent. You should notice a big difference if you were struggling on large lists (200+ items), or even on smaller lists (around 40 items) if running on the new iOS 14 on old devices.

We didn't forget to add at least a few features, however! You can now request a status change of an item if you do not have permission to update that item. So you think an item is done or now in progress? Go to the the item and request a status update which can be approved by someone who does have permission. An indicator will appear on the item to let you know that there is a request pending until it is signed off.

We have also added an in-app notifications page which keeps a log of all the changes being made to your projects, lists and items with an indicator on the menu to let you know if there is anything new. This page reflects all of the notifications which you may be receiving on your device, please note that the notification settings do not affect what is displayed here. The settings only toggle which push notifications you are receiving to your device.

Notification centre

In response to your feedback we have added in some more report settings. Head over to the settings page via the menu, go to reports and you will find a new option for the number of images displayed per row. This reduces the size of the images in PDF reports to allow you to get more items on less pages. We've also added in a page break after each item to improve the clarity of the reports. If you want to save paper head over to the report settings and turn off 'Page break after each item' to revert back to continuous items. Finally, you will find a new section of switches in the report setting page related to the information displayed per item. For example if you would like to hide the assignees or locations you can now switch these off.

Here’s what we’ve added and fixed in 0.0.25:

Features added

  • In app notification management screen which displays all notifications accessible from menu
  • Ability to request status change with comment if you are unable to change an item status - which can be approved by someone who can
  • Report settings for customising which item information fields are displayed
  • Report setting for number of images displayed per row to reduce image size and number of pages
  • Report setting for page break after every item
  • Created by and last updated details for comments now displayed in reports
  • Layout updated when managing an item on desktop
  • See all comments page added with only 3 most recent displayed on each item
  • New placeholders for when you have no projects/lists/items/reports/notifications

Bugs fixed

  • Major upgrade of app performance to mitigate issues on large lists
  • Image picker issue on iPad
  • Crash after navigating back from profile
  • Open project/list/items leading to blank screen

Make sure to check for updates on TestFlight on iOS or on the Play Store for your Android phone or tablet.

Our plans going forward

The main features which we are working on for the next update include:

  • Enhanced list privacy settings
    • external user grouping allowing you to pick which group can see a list
    • option to choose which individual project members can view a list
  • Custom field names - for example you could rename “Project number” to “Project Code”
  • Ability to add comments to item images

Without your feedback we wouldn't have known of some of the performance limitations which were being experienced. Don't hesitate to get in touch if you come across any issues or are struggling with usability and we will be sure to address it, all feedback is valued so please keep it coming! Thanks again to all who have contributed so far.