2021-02-16 | 4 min read

Insite official launch

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We have completed the beta programme and the official launch of Insite is here! We would like to take the opportunity to thank everyone who has taken part, and to all of you who have provided us with feedback over the period.

What does “out of beta” mean for you?

With the release of Insite we will now be closing the beta programme. If you had taken part then don't worry, you will continue to have free access until next Friday 26th by asking your Plan Admin to reactivate your plan via the Admin Console at admin.insiteapp.co.uk

In the meantime we would love the opportunity to discuss your options going forward. Get in touch with us today if you would like to discuss a quote for an Enterprise plan or are thinking about purchasing a Personal or Starter plan.

What did we accomplish in the beta period?

Nearly 6000 items and 1000 reports have been generated over the 4 month programme. We wouldn't be where we are today without everyone who has been using the app and sending us feedback!

As well as gaining valuable insights from our clients we have been collecting vital metrics allowing us to tune the performance and stability of the Insite platform.

We can say with confidence that Insite is a now a powerful auditing system ready to be used by everyone from individual users to large project teams.

Some of the highlights of the programme included:

  • Notification centre
  • Admin console
  • Detailed PDF & Excel report formats
  • Improved report layouts
  • Request a status change
  • Image comments
  • Improved image editor
  • Customisable field names
  • Offline support

We hope that the features added have improved your experience with the app. As always we would love to hear if you have any other feedback on how we can improve Insite. Keep reading on to find out what new features have been shipped with the launch.

What's new in this release

Project dashboard

We’ve made some big changes to Insite since our last update. You will now be presented with the Project Dashboard when opening a project. This stores the project's most vital information as well as your lists.

Your overview is split into 3 sections, your lists and list templates, project information and statistics. The new layout will allow us to expand the platform with all of all the new features which we have planned by serving as the main point of reference for navigating around your project. Our plans for the future are outlined at the bottom of this post.

List templates

Create templates for later use which you can replicate on demand to save time when carrying out regular audits and inspections. You'll find these by visiting Templates from the new Project Dashboard.

This time saving feature speeds up the snagging and auditing process. If you carry out regular inspections, audits, surveys and more it is now easier than ever to save these lists are re-use them at a later date.

For more information on creating a list template please visit the help centre article.

Activity log

Every action captured for your records, automatically generated from their creation through to completion, and beyond. Every action is recorded and sorted to provide you with a solid audit trail, keeping you protected.

The activity centre is something which has been on our radar since the release of the beta and we are finally happy that it delivers bulletproof records.

Our plans going forward

As well as performance and feature updates we have some big plans this year for Insite. Our goal is to go from a powerful auditing tool to a scalable project system.

Business analytics centre

Dive in and find out where a projects strengths and weaknesses are. Or, take a step back and compare data across your projects so you can make informed decisions going forward.

Form & drawing implementation

Implement standard documents such as safety and quality forms for on the go auditing. Store drawings in the cloud for location tagging. Laying the foundations for a complete project database.

Document control system

Keep all drawings and specs synchronised with controlled revisions, status’ and formal sign off and document issuing procedures. The first evolution of the file system.

As always get in touch with us today to find out more or enquire about a plan!