2021-03-18 | 3 min read

Sign off & archive completed lists

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Now that you have completed a list you want to sign it off and confirm that is done? Now you can! We've added the option to change a list's status. Choose to either archive a list or sign it off with a personal signature. Your status update will be logged against the list in the list activity center so you can refer back to the records whenever you like.

A new list overview page

Sign off lists

Access your list details and reports from one convenient page. We've wrapped up everything you need to know about your lists including statistics, progress and your latest reports. From here you can also view or update the list details and change the status to archived or signed off.

We've also added an activity log to the list overview page. This log is automatically populated from the creation of a list and includes changes such as detail updates and archive and sign off records.

Organise your lists

Organise your lists by status

With the introduction of different list status' you'll find your lists organised under their relevant headers. The collapsible headers keep your lists together so you can quickly find the one you need and keep those archived lists hidden away.

Here’s what we’ve added and fixed in 1.1.0:

Features added

  • List status: lists can now be archived or signed off, including adding a comment and signature when performing these actions
  • List activity log: every action on a list is recorded and sorted to provide you with an audit trail, keeping you in the know and protected
  • Refreshed list info and reports screen - the list info and reports tabs have been merged into one to make things a bit simpler
  • Swipe through when viewing item images

Bugs fixed

  • Item audit log entries now respect project custom field names

Make sure to check for updates on the App Store for iOS or on the Play Store for your Android phone or tablet.

Our plans going forward:

Following this initial update to the Insite platform we will continue to provide you with more and more features to enhance the experience and make your workflows more efficient. Here's what you can expect to see soon.

Custom status options

Currently you can choose whether an item is Incomplete, In progress or Complete. An additional standard set of options will soon be provided for compliancy, these will be Compliant, Non-compliant and N/A. For when the current progression status options and the compliancy choices just don't cut it you can go ahead and create your own bespoke group.

Reports for multiple lists

Another highly requested feature will allow you to generate reports at a project level across multiple lists. You will have the same filter and sorting options when doing so.

List templates at a global level

We understand that list templates are likely to be the same across your projects and so you will soon be able to create templates under your plan which you can then import to your projects.

As always get in touch with us today to find out more or enquire about a plan!