2021-08-03 | 3 min read

Share templates between projects and offline improvements

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List templates make your life easier by speeding up those repetitive audits which might be undertaken on a daily or weekly basis. Chances are if you're completing a weekly inspection on one project you probably need to do it on your other projects too.

Well, we've now made that easier. Keep reading to find out how.

Import templates from other projects

With our latest update, 1.8.0, you can now import your templates from other projects, helping you to save even more time. How? Well, it's simple:

  • Head to your new project
  • Go to the templates section
  • Hit import in the top right-hand corner

Click here for in-depth instructions

Improvements to offline mode

That's not all we've changed in 1.8.0. Following multiple requests from our users, our developers have been at work making improvements to the offline usability of Insite.

Whilst offline you can now:

  • Create new projects (without images)
  • Create new lists and update existing lists
  • Add new items (without images)
  • Update existing items (all information including comments, status updates/requests, etc except for adding new images or editing existing images)
  • Manage all project settings
  • Make changes to the assignees, locations and tags on a project
  • Queue reports for generation - the actual report will not be generated until you find a connection as this happens in the cloud
  • You can also update your settings and profile details excluding signature, profile image and logo

Over the coming weeks, we will be completing further updates to the offline capabilities of Insite, making it possible to audit and inspect anything whilst offline.

Here's what we've added and fixed in 1.8.0:

Features added

  • List template importing - avoid repeated set-up by importing list templates from other projects
  • External user promotion - promote an external project collaborator to an internal plan member

Bugs fixed

  • New list respect default visibility from plan settings

Make sure to check for updates on the App Store for iOS or on the Play Store for your Android phone or tablet.

Our plans going forward:

Completed offline mode

We understand how important complete offline mode is for our users who might be on site where there is no connection or working in a basement. This has moved to the top of our priorities and will be ready in the coming weeks.

Add drawings to locations

This highly requested feature will allow you to drop in your project drawings so you can tag issues against them for improved clarity when assigning a location.

Import projects from Insite - Audit & Snag

We want to make it as easy as possible for all of our existing users on the original app, Insite - Audit & Snag, to upgrade to the new and improved Insite platform. As such we will soon provide an option to export your projects and have them available in Insite.

As always get in touch with us today to find out more or enquire about a plan!