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How are they using Insite?

Acuro Group Limited deliver a market-leading professional snagging service to new build homeowners, investors, and property developers. Insite allows our site surveyors and office team to work in collaboration, to provide professional snagging reports for our clients, with ease.

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Solution 1 - Customised Reporting
Insite provides a key tool for business expansion. Its robust functionality and customisation options make it possible to generate highly tailored, professional reports that cater to a diverse range of client needs.
Solution 2 - Enhanced Report Quality
The adoption of Insite has greatly improved the quality and aesthetics of our reports. By using its smart design and user-friendly interface, we can produce high-standard, visually engaging reports that enhance our professional standing.

Results with Insite

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How does the inspection completion time using Insite compare with other systems you’ve used?

The contrast between Insite and other apps is like night and day. Insite is more reliable, customisable, and superior with its cloud integration and internal dictionary, creating a perfect environment for collaborative work. Furthermore, it offers an excellent suite of tools tailored for snagging practice.

Who uses Insite in your team and how has it improved communication?

Our primary clients consist of new-build homeowners and property developers, and our collaboration with both has been effortless. We predominantly survey houses and issue reports within a few working days. These reports are then either sent back to the property owners or directly dispatched to the builders if we are working on behalf of a developer. The speed and efficiency of this process underline our commitment to customer satisfaction and reinforce our standing as reliable partners in the property development and home ownership process.

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"Insite has revolutionised our snagging process, enhancing the quality of our reports and boosting client satisfaction to an all-time high. It’s more than an app; it’s a transformative tool for our business."

Jake Wing
Company Director

About Acuro

Acuro pride themselves in providing a customer-friendly, professional snagging service, with the client’s best interests at the heart of their operations. Following one of their snagging surveys, all of their reports are user-friendly and are distributed to their clients. Their snagging reports are designed with photographic evidence and detailed descriptions to ensure defects are clear for the developer to address.

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