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How are they using Insite?

Our organisation utilises Insite to manage core operations. Insite is instrumental in our Quality Inspection Test Plans, enabling consistent, high-quality project delivery. It supports efficient snagging processes, and helps us to manage outstanding works effectively. Insite also underpins our QA Manager Site Audits, ensuring adherence to stringent quality standards, and is crucial for Fire Stopping Audits, confirming the correct installation of safety systems in construction projects.

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Solution 1 - Digital QA
With Insite, we’ve digitised our Quality Assurance process, integrating electronic QITPs. This transition has boosted efficiency, saving our Site Managers time and reducing our carbon footprint, enhancing sustainability.
Solution 2 - Efficient Snagging
Insite helped us digitise our Snagging process, fostering a proactive defect resolution culture. The ability to assign defects to a subcontractor has streamlined rectification, saving our Site Managers time and enabling defect-free project delivery.

Results with Insite

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How does the inspection completion time using Insite compare with other systems you’ve used?

In the past, Ashe depended heavily on paper documentation, a process that was vast and time-consuming. This changed dramatically with the introduction of Insite. Our QA Manager reports are now expedited using Insite’s intuitive interface, that allows us to instantly log issues with features such as in-app photo-editing and location marking. Moreover, the platform facilitates the immediate generation of PDF reports on request, significantly improving efficiency and response time.

Who uses Insite in your team and how has it improved communication?

Insite is utilised across Ashe Group, including Ashe Roofing, for QA Audits and QITPs. It’s also an essential part of our snagging process. Our subcontractors have bought into using the system which means that we are always on the same page. This ensures that our daily/weekly meetings with them remain efficient and effective.

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"Insite is utilised across Ashe Group, including Ashe Roofing, for QA Audits and QITPs. It’s also an essential part of our snagging process."

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Robert Hatchett
Quality Manager

About Ashe Group

Founded in 1972, Ashe has been adeptly managing design and construction for diverse public and private sector clients from their Hertfordshire base. Expertly navigating markets and industries, Ashe excels in new constructions, internal and external refurbishments, alterations, and fit-outs. Their mission is to create environments that significantly improve users’ lives and fulfil client expectations, whether they’re international blue-chip brands, property developers, public entities, or commercial organisations.

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