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Bianco Sale Limited

How are they using Insite?

As Building Services Consultants, our expertise lies in the detailed assessment of building systems and services infrastructure to ensure they adhere to the highest standards. We predominantly use Insite for snagging, to help identify and rectify defects, ensuring optimal quality in the final construction. Additionally, Insite is integral to our Condition Surveys, through which we evaluate a building’s current state, remaining lifespan and identify potential areas of concern for future attention.

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Solution 1 - Enhanced Efficiency
Using Insite, I’ve significantly sped up our snagging process. The tool’s design allows us to quickly produce and issue snagging lists. This efficiency means our projects can move forward without delays, ensuring we meet client expectations and deadlines.
Solution 2 - Images & mark-ups
Insite has changed how we use visual evidence in our reports. It’s now incredibly straightforward for us to add photos to our snagging lists or condition surveys. Within moments, we can embed high-quality images into our reports, providing clear context and ensuring issues are clearly highlighted.

Results with Insite

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How does the inspection completion time using Insite compare with other systems you’ve used?

Using Insite has transformed the way I manage snags in my projects. Not only has it made the process considerably quicker, but the platform’s intuitive design simplifies the task of searching for specific snags. This ease of search is invaluable when I’m deep into a project and need to reference or rectify specific issues quickly. Moreover, the presentation of my snag lists and reports has noticeably improved.

Who uses Insite in your team and how has it improved communication?

I’ve been using Insite predominantly with contractors and clients. This streamlined platform has greatly enhanced our communication channels. Before, we would rely on various means to convey information, but now with Insite, sharing updates, progress reports, and immediate feedback has become seamless. The real-time collaboration ensures both our contractors and clients are kept in the loop, fostering transparency and building trust. It’s simplified our interactions, making the whole process more efficient.

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"Using Insite, we save about 2 hours per snagging visit on a standard project, streamlining communication with contractors and clients, and making report generation both quicker and more professional."

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Andy Vane
Associate Director

About Bianco Sale Limited

Bianco Sale Limited, with over 30 years of experience, is a leading Building Services Consultant in the UK. They specialise in designing and administrating contracts for mechanical, electrical, and public health services for both building refurbishments and new build schemes. Beyond this, they offer Feasibility Studies, Condition Surveys, and Low and Net Zero carbon design. Their expertise spans across sectors including commercial, healthcare, education, defence, retail, and industrial, with a notable history of long-term client relationships and diverse project engagements.

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