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How are they using Insite?

When we initially started using Insite, we were mainly using it for the installation and handover process. However, with the frequent feature updates that have been rolled out, we are able to make very effective use of Insite right from the initial survey stage through to handover, this way a complete timeline of events is recorded which enables us to ensure that our delivery service is not downgraded.

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Solution 1 - Snagging
For snagging, Insite provides a streamlined process for identifying issues, annotating them with necessary details, and assigning them to appropriate team members for rectification.
Solution 2 - Health & Safety
Health & Safety is of paramount importance to us, and Insite helps us to manage it effectively. The system allows for the quick identification and rectification of safety issues, thereby ensuring optimal site safety levels.

Results with Insite

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Ease of use
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How does the inspection completion time using Insite compare with other systems you’ve used?

Insite provides an easy-to-use interface that significantly reduces the time taken to complete inspections. In comparison to other applications, it is a much more simple tool which means you get to the point quicker. Insite is very field-friendly in comparison to some other systems which work great in the office but can be a pain to use when you’re out and about capturing data on-site.

Who uses Insite in your team and how has it improved communication?

Insite is being used internally among our team members at Shinfield, as well as with external contractors on our other projects. The platform has helped in establishing clear, real-time communication between all parties. During the ongoing Shinfield Studios project, instant notifications for every action taken helped keep the entire team updated, facilitating a seamless flow of information and ensuring that all tasks were completed effectively and efficiently.

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"Insite is very field-friendly in comparison to some other systems which work great in the office but can be a pain to use when you’re out and about capturing data on-site."

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Rob Gordon
Operations Director

About Curo Construction

Curo is owned and managed by Darren Pettitt and Steve Conlin. Together they have some 50 years of experience working for major contracting groups. They are joined on the main board of directors whose experience across a range of sectors and projects of varying size, provides them the experience to successfully deliver any scheme.

Curo are intensely Client and project focused and committed to the wellbeing of staff and the success of the teams they work with including the consultants and supplier. They have surrounded themselves with like-minded and trustworthy people who share the common thread of a strong work ethic and a passion for first class delivery.

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