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How are they using Insite?

We are currently using Insite for quality assurance and snagging, and have found that the streamlining of these processes has greatly improved the time saved on projects. We have also found it beneficial now that the whole team can be involved in the process.

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Solution 1 - Communication
After using Insite with Subcontractors there is no longer any doubt about who is responsible for which area, as we have a full record from the start to project close out.
Solution 2 - Snagging & QA
Insite has allowed us to refine our snagging and QA processes in a way that is much more beneficial to our clients. The speed at which we can now carry out inspections has improved greatly. Along with this, we are also able to produce high quality PDF reports detailing all issues and giving our clients a full breakdown of the project. One of the most useful features we have found is being able to set up several templated lists to streamline the process even more, giving our field staff the ability to set up audits ahead of time.

Results with Insite

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"We estimate that Insite has been saving us around 20 hours a month on our processes. And the ability for the whole team to be involved in the project has greatly improved."

John-Daniel Rowe
Director & Project Manager

About Icono

Icono provides turnkey project management services to individuals that seek an independent specialist to oversee and deliver their construction projects.

They remain the client’s single point of contact during all stages of the project, from the evaluation of a potential site and the appointment of the professional team to design, construction and hand-over. With a specific focus on high-end residential and niche hospitality projects Icono has been fortunate to build some unique and exciting projects.

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