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Lindum Group

How are they using Insite?

We are a new build housing developer, utilising Insite for quality checking and snagging to uphold our high construction standards. The platform facilitates real-time identification and documentation of any discrepancies or defects, ensuring prompt rectification. This proactive approach not only ensures adherence to Health & Safety regulations but also enhances overall project efficiency and customer satisfaction.

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Solution 1 - Templating
We have developed various templates to standardise quality checks for each plot in a build, ensuring consistency in monitoring construction standards. This templating system streamlines the quality assurance process, making it both efficient and repeatable across different projects.
Solution 2 - Monitoring
Our audits and inspections are meticulously monitored to ensure that all necessary checks are conducted timely. This structured monitoring aids in maintaining a clear timeline of quality checks, ensuring each construction phase meets our stringent quality benchmarks.

Results with Insite

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How does the inspection completion time using Insite compare with other systems you’ve used?

We have discovered that, unlike other applications, Insite provides a unique template feature which significantly expedites the inspection process. Additionally, Insite stands out with its capability to attach multiple photographs to each defect, a feature not seen in alternative apps. This is a substantial advantage as it minimises the time traditionally spent explaining issues in text.

Who uses Insite in your team and how has it improved communication?

We predominantly utilise Insite internally to uphold our construction standards. However, we have extended its use to sharing reports with subcontractors, especially during snagging of their works, which has enhanced communication regarding project expectations and quality standards. Although we are exploring the possibility of granting access to our subcontractors to further streamline communication and quality control processes, this feature is yet to be implemented.

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"Utilising Insite has led to a marked reduction in defects post-completion, translating to substantial time and cost savings each month."

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Nathalie Addington-Smart
Aftersales Manager

About Lindum Group

Lindum Group is a regional construction business operating out of Lincoln, Peterborough, and York. Established in 1956, it remains employee and family-owned, fostering practical skills and robust client relations.

The Group undertakes new build, refurbishment, and maintenance projects across various sectors, servicing both private and public clients. Known for its financial strength, Lindum Group has a track record of reinvestment to ensure proper client servicing and resource allocation. Sustainability is a core value, with investments in staff education and award-winning apprenticeship and training programs, reflecting a broader commitment to social impact.

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