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How are they using Insite?

We utilise Insite for comprehensive project management from inception to completion. Our process involves the site team, who use the Insite mobile app to record tasks and updates in real-time. This data is systematically compiled into detailed reports that we share with our management team and clients, ensuring transparency and maintaining high standards of quality assurance, health and safety, and snagging throughout our projects.

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Solution 1 - Documentation
Our site team efficiently capture issues by immediately uploading photos and comments through the Insite app. This process not only speeds up communication but also ensures that every detail is documented with precision, fostering accuracy and clarity in team interactions.
Solution 2 - Rectification
Enhanced communication between the site and management improves our project tracking and quality assurance. This ensures that we maintain our high standards of quality, ensuring consistency and boosting client trust and satisfaction.

Results with Insite

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Who uses Insite in your team and how has it improved communication?

We utilise Insite both internally and with external partners such as clients and contractors. Internally, it has revolutionised our communication by facilitating clear task assignments and updates within our site team. This has streamlined project workflows and enhanced team coordination. On the management level, Insite’s capabilities allow for robust tracking of project progress, enabling us to generate detailed reports. These reports have significantly improved our client interactions, fostering stronger relationships and facilitating more effective project collaboration.

How much time and money do you save each month?

Although we’ve been using Insite for only four months, it has already significantly improved our efficiency, particularly in how quickly we can access and filter information for reporting. The filtering features are particularly valuable, saving us considerable time that was previously spent manually searching for data. While it’s still early to quantify the exact financial savings, the time savings alone suggest that Insite is a highly cost-effective tool for our operations.

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"Enhanced communication between the site and management improves our project tracking and quality assurance. This robust oversight maintains our high standards of quality in tiling work."

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Daniel Ball
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About TB Tiling Ltd

TB Tiling Ltd, a top-tier tiling contractor in the South West, specialises in residential, commercial, and domestic tiling projects, delivering precision and quality in every job. They work closely with Baber & Ball Tile Distribution Ltd to provide an extensive array of top-quality tiles.

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