Manage production & factories with Insite

Factory & Production Inspections & Compliance

All-in-one Production & Maintenance Inspection System. Collaborate across your workplace and production lines.

Enhance your output across the plant

Designate tasks
Defects lists, condition surveys, safety inspections
Collaborate with the entire team
Manage maintenance and repairs
Log safety issues, condition records, inspections and more

Features to make production more efficient

Snag & issue tracking

Log and monitor issues from project start to completion.

Customised digital reports

No more paper! Keep everything organised with custom reports and archive storage.


Work alongside the whole project team and make sure everyone's on the same page.

Activity logs

Full history of actions taken across your projects, for your peace of mind.

Templated audits

Set up your weekly audits for quick access and re-use.

Excel schedules

Generate spreadsheets for your items in seconds, with professional formatting.

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Streamline your inspections & audits

Insite helps to bring the workforce together with an all-in-one production environment auditing system.

Templates for repetitive audits & inspections
Controlled permissions for each user
Sign off completed lists
Bulletproof audit trails for your lists and items
Keep your line moving with on the go auditing

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