Turn your site reports into PDFs & spreadsheets

Construction reporting software with high-quality professional layouts that can be easily printed and shared with others.

Build a template database and distribute reports

Keeping projects and reports structured is key to saving time and money. Use Insite to set up templates ahead of time and create professional reports.

Structure projects

Define your company hierarchy and set up user roles and permissions to ensure correct escalations and reporting.

Custom templates

Template your audits and inspections ahead of time and store them for reuse in the project's dashboard.

High-quality reports

Instantly generate & share visual and engaging reports which can be customised to reflect your company’s brand.

Impress your clients with polished PDFs

Photos included
All of your images are scaled and displayed clearly on PDF reports. Image comments are displayed too and numbered for clarity.
Filter which items and data you export
Choose from a range of filters including by assignee, location and status so you can print or send only what you need.
Brand with customisable colours & auditor information
Choose a theme colour and add your logo and signature to your reports for professional presentation.
Store your reports in your archive
Access reports at any time with unlimited storage, organised by format.

Stay on top of schedule with Spreadsheets

Formatted spreadsheet ready for distribution
Export Excel reports with automatic colour-coding based on item status and built-in filtering and sorting.
Editable in all standard spreadsheet programmes
Open your spreadsheets in Google Sheets, Excel, Numbers and more so they can be read by and distributed to anyone.
Automatically hyperlinked to items
Each spreadsheet item is generated with a code and hyperlink to the Insite platform so you can quickly refer back and view the related images.
Export Excel reports

Handy tools at the tap of a button


Easily filter your reports by assignee, status, location and more.


Say bye-bye to email attachments. Share via text message, WhatsApp and more with one tap.


Personalise your reports with your signature, logo and company colour so you’re always on-brand.


Ditch your physical reports for digital with unlimited cloud storage.

How much time will you save? Find out today.

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Best app for construction snagging, general site reporting and site collaboration. The reports are simple and clear to read and issuing them to all parties involved is a great way of making sure everyone is on the same page in a simple, quick and easy way.“

Shaun Ridewood

Installations Manager


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Have your documents on hand, wherever you are

Separate folders for organised storage
Share seamlessly across your devices
Unlimited folder storage
Keep your reports organised with revision names and numbers
Store & share reports


Get the report you need, quicker

Use the filters to distribute only the items you need

Filter by assignee, status, location and more
Automate routine actions
Complete control and visibility
Save vital data for future reporting

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